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You’re not going to find your typical neighborhood grocery store here. What you’ll discover is an experience in itself. Food enthusiasts, adventurers, chefs and families looking for authentic flavors of home will find an international supermarket that brings the culinary traditions from all over of the world under one roof.

After emigrating from Cambodia and moving to Arizona, Meng and Paulina Truong discovered that Arizona lacked prominent ethnic markets that could provide the groceries and merchandise that the growing Asian communities desired. The solution was simple—open their own store to fill the need for accessible, quality and fresh ethnic foods with customer service as their highest priority. Naming the store after their two daughters’ middle names, Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket

was born from a labor of love over 20 years ago. As the customer base became more diverse and requests for more products increased, Meng and Paulina’s dedication to the community led them to add additional regions of the world to their offerings.

Today, Lee Lee International Supermarket is the largest ethnic grocery store in Arizona and offers the widest variety of foods from Asia and around the world. Meng and Paulina now operate 3 large stores in Chandler, Peoria and Tucson, carrying products from more than 30 countries. Each store has become more than just a place to buy food and ethnic products; it’s become a destination. It’s a place where both families craving food from home and chefs of global cuisine seeking authentic ingredients can feel part of an international family.




Chandler, AZ

“…there’s also a melting pot of all types of shapes, sizes and nationalities shopping for a taste called home of their native foods. They have their aisles clearly marked by nationality whether it be from Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Africa, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.”

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Peoria, AZ

“…but then I found Lee Lee on yelp and thought i would give this place a try. Finally, today I went and I was SUPER happy!!! I found my usual items and more and was very happy with how clean and spacious it was. “

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Tucson, AZ

“Over 200,000 products from over 30 countries including Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Holland, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina and Africa. Truly an International Supermarket.”

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