You are not going to find your typical neighborhood grocery store here. What you will discover is an experience in itself. Food enthusiasts, adventurers, chefs and families looking for the authentic flavors of home will find an international supermarket that brings the culinary traditions from around the world under one roof.

With three sizeable stores, Lee Lee International Supermarkets is the largest international market in Arizona. At our locations, you will find a variety of foods you did not know existed. From China to Brazil and beyond, you will find authentic flavors and exotic tastings from over 30 countries and regions.


Who We Are

about2It all started 25 years ago, when Meng Truong just wanted to make his wife Paulina happy.

After emigrating from Cambodia and moving to Arizona, they discovered that Arizona lacked any prominent ethnic markets that could provide the groceries and merchandise they knew from their childhoods. When Paulina had cravings, Meng drove to California to find the items she desired. As they saw the Asian population grow in Arizona, they realized that others in their community had the same cravings and thus Lee Lee was born.

Over the years, Meng listened to his customers requests and as the ethnic community grew more diverse, so did Lee Lee. What started out as Meng driving his van weekly to California to provide for the Asian community has grown into a three store chain receiving over 15 truckloads of diverse ethnic product each week.

Today, Lee Lee International Supermarkets is the largest ethnic grocery chain in Arizona with over 175 employees and a combined 200,000 square footage in their three stores. The stores in Chandler, Peoria and Tucson carry products from over 30 countries or regions. Each store has become more than just a place to buy food and ethnic products, it’s become a destination. It’s a place where both families craving food from home and chefs of global cuisine seeking authentic ingredients can feel part of an international family.

What We Believe In

about3At the very core we believe in customer service.  We believe in providing the highest quality, selection and value to our customers.  We believe in gratitude and community.  We celebrate our differences and value our shared cultural experiences.  And most of all, we love to make our customers smile.

How We Have Been Honored

Phoenix New Times – Best International Market – 2017
Phoenix New Times – Best Ethnic Markets in Metro Phoenix – 2014
Arizona Foothills Magazine – Best Ethnic Markets – 2013
AZ Central’s Top 30 Tastemakers – Meng Truong : 2011
Phoenix New Times Best Asian Market Winner: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Tucson Citizen’s Best Global Encounter: 2010
Tucson Weekly’s Best Educational Shopping Experience: 2010
AZ Central’s 50 Stars of the Arizona Food World: 2009
Best Place to Tour the Orient: 2001